Ab Circle Pro Reviews

June 11, 2011

The Ab Circle Pro is one of the most heavily advertised pieces of equipment today.

It has one of the best produced infomercials I've seen in a while and it's presented by Jennifer Nicole Lee, a fitness model of the highest caliber.

 However, as someone who knows one or two things about what it takes to lose belly fat and get flat abs, I decided that I need to review the Ab Circle Pro for you, my reader, to make sure that you don't waste your money on this machine if it's not as good as it's made out to be.

I searched high and low for reviews from people who've used it. This review is based on all the reviews I've read.

Ab Circle Pro Reviews

Ab Circle Pro reviews, results, and other Ab Circle information is what we feature on this site. See this review to discover what Ab Circle Pro can do for you.

If you are one of those people who found great interest in Ab Circle Pro, you probably have read already a lot of reviews about this product.

The Ab Circle Pro has dominated the market despite the fact that it was just recently launched. It has become one of the top-sellers in the fitness world. The effectiveness of the Ab Circle Pro has caught a lot of people by surprise. This is rooted from the fact that many people all over the earth have tried a lot of ways to lose weight and to keep their body in shape, but failed to do so. With the promises and claims of the Ab Circle Pro, people become skeptical of how real the claims are.

Several Ab Circle Pro reviews are made which are mostly incorporated reviews of the many reviews about the equipment. In fact, when you read these reviews you will notice that almost all critics are of the same idea. To differentiate this Ab Circle review from the other reviews about Ab Circle Pro, it should be known to you that this is not based on conjecture or what is read about online – it is based on fact and experience.

If you read one of the many other Ab Circle reviews online, you may feel that you are reading someone who has only read about it. Most people have seen the product but only few have used it. Some people who made reviews about this product have not actually used this piece of exercise equipment themselves, instead, they merge all the reviews they’ve read and make a personal review out of it. This article will prove to you that the things written here are purely based on experience. In fact, a list of the key features of the Ab Circle is provided for you below:

Ab Circle Pro Reviews: A List of The Ab Circle’s Key Features:

  • The Ab Circle Pro is fast and easy to use
  • Made of gym-grade steel
  • Ab Circle folds up to slip right under your bed
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Three resistance levels that help you as you grow stronger
  • Includes 3-Minute Express Workout DVD
  • Includes complete nutritional guide
  • Friction-free tracking

Perhaps the most important part of this Ab Circle review is to tell you that this product is silly, but it is fun. And, that is one of the reasons why you will get fit. You will actually enjoy getting on it every day, as you laugh at yourself doing the stupid motion. But it is that stupid, circular motion that actually gets you fit!

If the fun aspect is the biggest advantage of the Ab Circle, then perhaps it is its price that may be its biggest drawback. It is not the cheapest ab machine on the market, though the value for money is still very good. The visible and amazing results will cover up the price, and you could still make a good laugh out of it. You will never regret a single day purchasing this product.

One thing you should remember is that as you get fitter and stronger, you can raise the resistance levels so you are constantly getting a harder workout. You will work out your upper, middle, and lower abs as well as your obliques, so it is an all-around ab workout, which is much different than just doing crunches or sit-ups which only attack the upper abs.

Ab Circle Pro concentrates on attacking the mid-section area of the body, which usually needs most work in order to stay in shape. The toughest and probably the one you’ll find funny about this product when you use it is unlocking the knee pads to permit your legs out and moves in a circular motion continuously. The full circular motion allows the device to target the lower, middle, and upper abdomen, and eventually tightens the midsection of your body, melting away the fat. A lot of Ab Circle Pro reviews have mentioned how this product could put much emphasis on this part, and how it burns the fat, which points out the fact that it gets the job done.

Compared to other similar products on the market today, this Ab Circle review definitely states that this is not only a good buy, but one that you will be glad you made months from now. Your entire family can use it, and because it is such a short workout, you won’t mind doing it every day. Then, when you are done with it, just fold it up and store it away. It’s that easy.

Ab Circle Pro Reviews: Finishing Thoughts

Of course, the Ab Circle alone will not give you “washboard abs” or a “six pack”, but it will help to strengthen your core muscles. If you want defined abs, you will also have to lose weight and the fat around your middle section, and that is where the nutritional guide comes into play. By following the advice in the guide, watching the DVD, and doing the exercises regularly, you will be able to see the amazing results through the visible change in the shape of your body.

We hope you’ve found that this Ab Circle Pro review information has helped you decide whether Ab Circle Pro is the right piece of exercise equipment for you or not.


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